12 year old electrocuted in Polokwane after touching a steel kiosk

The recent tragic electrocution of a Polokwane child highlights the danger of steel kiosks. Polyethylene products are safer and superior options, as can be seen in this comparison:

Polyethylene vs 3CR12:

  • Polyethylene enclosures have a very high volume as well as surface electrical resistivity, resulting in a safer product that will not conduct electricity or attract lightning strikes.
  • Polyethylene enclosures do not corrode or rust, whereas 3CR12 does.
  • Polyethylene is abrasive resistant, whereas 3CR12 is not
  • Polyethylene is acid resistant, whereas 3CR12 is not.
  • Polyethylene enclosures exhibit excellent heat resistance qualities, which eliminates de – rating of equipment, due to heat build up in the enclosure when subjected to the sun’s rays.
  • Polyethylene enclosures are chemically resistant, whereas 3CR12 is not.
  • Polyethylene enclosures are more cost effective than 3CR12.
  • Polyethylene has no scrap value, hence the enclosure will not be vandalised and sold as Scrap.
  • RF communication is possible through the polyethylene, whereas an external aerial has to be fitted when using steel

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