Mechanical Locking Systems



SA PAT APPL. NO. 2014/059


Gravity slam lock:

The unit consists of two non-magnetic s/steel sections:

    • One unit is fixed to the left hand side entrance of the kiosk top and consists of two slotted flat plates. One in front and one at the back which is captive to the front plate, but can move up and down without restriction. The unit has three slots ( or any number required) in each plate spaced so that there is a gap of approximately 15mm when both plates are in the locked position. This gap allows for the moving section, which is attached to the door and is described below, to enter the gap and force the plate at the back up, to allow for the moving section to penetrate the gap in both plates. The design of the section in the door (as described below) is such, that once the slot in the plates are fully penetrated and the back plate is force up, gravity will force the back plate to fall and automatically lock the door.


  • The section fitted to the door will consist of three rounded arrow heads mounted on a s/steel frame, which have been halved horizontally and strategically placed to enter the 15mm slot on the fixed section of the kiosk top.

There are no springs or other moving components and the door will be automatically locked, when the door is closed. The door may be opened using the following various methods:

  • Manual operation.
  • Locally with electrical solonoid and ID tag.
  • Remotely from a call centre.
  • With manual type anti vandal lock.

    polybox anti vandal key
    Polybox Gravity locking system anti-vandal key